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Run Spot, Run!

Magic Knight Rayearth, you say?
Yeah, season one was okay
But we think season two was great,
As they try to save Cefiro from a sad fate
The characters are all so cool!
Kim thinks Eagle particularly rules
And now that the series is done
You and I can continue our fun
Take a look around this light-hearted affair
Note: There are SPOILERS, beware!

Welcome to "Run Spot, Run!". Now everyone's going "Huh!?" Here's an explanation. This site is a Magic Knight Rayearth humor page.

Kim: And as to the Eagle border, you see, Eagle is spiffy. Look at the URL. Other characters are extremely spiffy as well, but they're not as spiffy as Eagle, so they're not on the main page border. Well, Geo's arm is. Other than that... Other characters get to be borders too. But Eagle's on the main page because of my personal bias:p And before you ask, yes, there is a stupid intro poem on every page. You can blame me for that.

Smartbeenr: Yes well, he may be spiffy, but he's eviiiiiil! ::ducks:: Ah well, I guess he makes an okay border '_'.... Anyways, a humor page! Yes, that's what this is!

And now you're going, "Okay, MKR humor I understand, but what's up with the 'Run Spot, Run!' name?" You see, that's an in-joke^_^

Smartbeenr: For all two of us... ^^;

Kim: Be warned. There be SPOILERS here!

Smartbeenr: Argh matey! An' X marks the spot! .....Run Spot Run!.....


1/26/02- We got a new fic, our first submission! See "Written Stuff" :)

Old Updates Not that you're interested, but you can look at this page just for the Geo and Zazu border.

The Written Stuff Parody fan fiction and the like.

Image Captions Er, well, images with funny(hopefully) captions^^

Altered Images MKR pics, only...different.

Fan Art Includes spoof comics too.

Love Fun Fun with The Love Calculator.

Linkage Self explanatory^^

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